Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Established in 1972, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area encompasses over 1.2 million acres of sagebrush covered mesas, red rock sandstone, buttes, spires, numerous deep canyons, and Lake Powell.

Having an astounding shoreline of over 1,900 miles, Lake Powell is one of the most scenic lakes in the world. Its rugged, unspoiled terrain provides ample opportunities to boat, kayak, picnic, camp, hike and explore the ever present solitude.

One of the largest natural bridges in the world, Rainbow Natural Bridge, is located at northwest base of Navajo Mountain and a worth while adventure for Lake Powell visitors.

Natural arches in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Alcove Arch

Alice J. Arch

Annies Canyon Arch

Bement Arch

Beverly Arch

Bills Arch

BJ Arch

Blue Pools Arch

Bridge Canyon Arch

Broken Bow Arch

Bullfrog Creek Arch

Butterfly Arch

Cliff Arch

Coyote Natural Bridge

Emigrant Spring Arch

Emigrant Spring Jughandle Arch

Eye Arch

Fence Canyon Arch

Fox Canyon Bridge

Golden Cathedral Bridges

Halls Creek Bridge

Hawkeye Natural Bridge

Hole in the Rock Arch

Humdinger Arch

Jacks Arch

Jacob Hamblin Arch

LaGorce Arch

Millard Canyon Arch

Not Bills Arch

Overlooked Arch

Paul Henry Arch

Rainbow Natural Bridge

Skylight Arch

Stevens Natural Arch

Stove Pipe Arch

Triple Arch

Wahweap Window

Wiregrass Canyon Bridge

Zane Grey Arch