Canyonlands National Park

In the heart of the Colorado Plateau, Canyonlands National Park preserves 527 square miles of wilderness comprised of canyons, mesas, buttes, spires, fins and natural arches. Established in 1964, Canyonlands National Park boundaries includes 337,598 acres of land making it Utah's largest national park.

Over thousands of years, the Colorado and Green Rivers carved canyons into the sediment of the area which divided Canyonlands into three distint areas: Island in the Sky to the north; The Needles on the east side; and looking west, The Maze.

Natural arches in Canyonlands National Park

Acorn Arch

Afternoon Arch

Aloof Arch

Anchor Arch

Angel Arch

Angel Canyon Bridge

Anteroom Arch

Ax Arch

Beak Arch

Belly Button Arch

Big Pocket Arch

Blue Ox Arch

Box Canyon Arch

Bridger Jack Arch

Broken Bell Arch

Castle Arch

Caterpillar Arch

Chin Arch

Cleft Arch

Cliff Wall Arch

Climbers Arch

Conical Arch

Corner Bridge

Cracked Arch

Curved Arch

Davis Bridge

Double Decker Arches

Double Sided Arch

Drumstick Arch

Duct Arch

Elephant Trunk Arch

Elusive Arch

Faucet Arch

Flection Arch

Fortress Arch

Gothic Arch

Granary Arch

Grand Ballroom Arches

Grommet Arch

Guide Arch

Gunsight Natural Arch

Hand Hold Arch

Handgrip Arch

Hanging Arch

Horse Canyon Arch

Horsehoof Arch

Hummingbird Arch

Junction Arch

Kilroy Double Arch

Kirk Arch

Laid Back Arch

Lavender Point Arch

London Bridge Arch

Long Arch

Longbow Arch

Mastodon Arch

Mesa Arch

Musk Ox Arch

Musselman Arch

Nook Arch

Overlooked Arch Outer

Parapet Arches

Paul Bunyans Potty Arch

Pecking Arch

Peering Eyes Arch

Penthouse Arch

Perilous Rock Arch

Pinyon Pine Arch

Salt Creek Pocket Arch

Salt Creek Trail Arch

Scout Arch

Secret Canyon Arch

Skull Arch

Slumber Arch

Snoop Arch

Snout Arch

Spy Arch

Stacked Double Bridge

Tadpole Arch

Teapot Arch

Terrace Arches

Towing Rock Arch

Trail Arch

Trail Canyon Arch

Turtle Arch

Wallpaper Arch

Washerwoman Arch

Wedding Ring Arch

Wooden Shoe Arch